Tamil Heritage Month Celebration 2022

Year 2022 January, Tamil Heritage Month theme is “Our histories. Our legacies. Our homelands.”

This month is an opportunity to recognize the tremendous contribution of Diaspora Tamils to our nation’s social, economic, political and cultural fabric.

More than 72 years, Tamils in Sri Lanka facing Structural Genocide by the Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinist as a result of Sinhala Government policies and constitutions that established by the Sri Lankan Government, during 2009 alone over 70,000 people were killed and over 146,000 Tamils enforced disappeared. More than 1,000,000 Tamils to leave their homeland.

We would like to thank all the non-Tamils to stand solidarity with Tamils as well as their struggle. It is our privilege to recognize and be great full to all the Tamils and No-Tamils, and wishing all the best in the New Year. We are looking forward to your; continues support for the Tamil Community to seek justice for the victims of Genocide, enforced disappearances and war crimes that are committed by the Sri Lanka Chauvinist Government.

Despite the end of the conflict in 2009, the human rights environment continued to deteriorate in a climate of impunity. Serious human rights violations, such as abductions, arbitrary arrests and detentions, torture and sexual violence were still reported from Tamil Eelam.

The continued military occupation in areas of the north and east means abuse towards Tamil people remains and adds another barrier to justice for the victims.

Tamil’s historical lands have been taken away and occupied by the Army and enforced Sinhala Settlements’.

Tamil culture and freedom of expression have been marginalized, particularly after decades of repressive policies by the Sri Lankan government that saw religious practices prohibited and heritage destroyed.

There has been no accountability nor judicial process to follow the United Nations Human Rights council resolutions passed since 2010.

Solidarity with our Tamil-Canadians friends and co-workers requires an understanding of their struggle, and the empathy to make it our own. We must stand up for justice whenever we see the abuse of human rights, whether it is here at home, or anywhere else in the world. The government of Canada must stand up for its values.

Together, we celebrate the inspirational role that Tamil Canadians have played and continue to play in communities across our country while amplifying the call for justice and respect for their human rights.”

ABC Tamil Oli

Please join us on the 22 January, 2022, Saturday at 10:00 AM (US & Canada (EST)

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Meeting ID: 869 9411 2462