Independent Diplomats Project of Tamil Eelam

This Training engages participants with issues facing some of the most marginalised communities in the world including Eelam Tamils, and encourages them to think about equality Justice, and diversity in the global governance system. It offers an opportunity for the development of self-confidence, and public speaking and debating skills.

Tamils who are most acutely affected by conflict, human rights abuses, war Crimes, enforced disappearances and environmental injustices are often not represented by state interests. In many cases they seek to represent themselves on the international stage, as stateless nations (e.g. Tamils) as indigenous communities (e.g. Tamil Eelam) as minorities (e.g. Tamil Eelam) or as de facto states (e.g. Tamil Eelam). ABC Tamil Oli an NGO with ECOSOC Status, established this training sessions to encourage youths and others to become trained advocates and Independent Diplomats to represent and seek justice for Eelam Tamils in the global governance system as well as United Nations Human Rights Council.


  • Understanding Advocacy
  • Overview of UN Mechanisms
  • Focus on UN Human Rights Council and UPR
  • Focus on UN Treaty Bodies
  • Special Procedures and OHCHR
  • Connecting up your Advocacy
  • Strategic Coalition Building
  • Working with Witnesses
  • Verbal Communication Skills
  • Media and Social Media Strategies

The training enables youth groups to run role-play debating exercises on issues of human rights, conflict resolution, and environmental justice. The exercises are loosely based on ‘Model United Nations’ simulations but instead of young people being assigned roles as representatives of nation-states and enacting UN meetings they will be designated roles as representatives of stateless nations, indigenous peoples and minority communities. Young people will research their assigned non-state actor and then simulate a debate of the ABC Tamil Oli on-line (Zoom) Assembly based on pre-established rules of procedure.


  • Fluent in English or French and /or Spanish
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Knowledge of Eelam Tamil’s struggle and politics
  • Participants must agree to commit minimum 10 hours a month to work on Tamils Issue related working program that are organized by the ABC Tamil Oli (An NGO With UN ECOSOC Status)
  • Must Agree to the ABC Tamil Oli Policy and stand* (Please Inquire)

Our Goal is to establish a trained group of Independent Diplomats and Advocacy group.


3 Weeks / 6Hours Workshop

Jan 08, 202210:00 AM12:00 PM
Jan 12, 202208:00 PM10:00 PM
Jan 15, 202210:00 AM12:00 PM

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